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GPC BASE™ is the necessary foundation of your GPC™ configuration.

Ginger’s Plate Carrier (GPC™) is a lightweight, modular and minimalistic platform designed for maximum mobility, comfort and to suit the individual needs of every operator. It is exceptionally durable and it will perform in extreme conditions, which was achieved by using only the highest quality materials available. GPC™ can be customized with a variety of GTG Front Flaps and GTG Cummerbunds (side panels), which allows it to be configured for every operator’s needs. The emergency drag handle, located on the back side of the PC, is especially reinforced to ensure maximum durability and a secure grip. Additional Front Flap protection prevents the PC from undesired opening e.g. during skydiving. The shoulderpads of the GPC™ are equipped with velcro straps which can be used to secure hydration tubes or cables.

Made in Poland using American materials.

*GPC™ size is determined by SAPI plate size. SAPI ballistic plates are not included.
**Price includes GPC™ BASE without a GTG Front Flap and without a GTG Cummerbund. GTG Front Flaps and GTG Cummerbunds are sold separately. Available in: Multicam®, Multicam® Tropic, Multicam® Arid, Multicam® Black, Pencott Greenzone, Woodland, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown and Black. Requests for alterations, custom patterns or alternative color arrangements must be handled through the Custom Order form.


The GPC™ is offered in two sizes : M and L, which fit SAPI cut plates of the following dimensions:

SAPI M – 24,5 x 31 x 2 cm
SAPI L – 25,5 x 33 x 2 cm


Weigth 0.56 KG

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L, M


WZ93, Black, Coyote Brown, Multciam Black™, Multicam Arid™, Multicam Tropic™, Multicam®, Ranger Green, Woodland