GTG Kangaroo Front Flap has an integrated pouch for 3 M4-type magazines, which are additionally protected with a shockcord on top. Small webbing handles allow easy and comfortable use of those shockcords. On front of the panel there are 3 rows with 6 MOLLE cells each to your disposal. Front flap is protected with 2 YKK Snaps from undesired opening e.g. during skydiving.

GTG Skeletal cummerbunds guarantee best ventilation along with capability of mounting your pouches both on the outside as well as on the inside part of those side panels. In the back part of the cummerbund there is sewn elastic webbing to allow breathability of the entire system.

This GPC™ configuration is compatible with other GTG Front Flaps and GTG Cummerbunds dedicated to GPC™.

*GPC™ size is determined by SAPI plate size. SAPI ballistic plates are not included.

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Ginger’s Plate CarrierTM with Kangaroo Front Flap and Skeletal Cummerbunds is ideal for tasks wihich require high carrying capacity in the lowest possible space.

The KANGAROO Front Flap contains an integrated, collapsable pocket for three M4 magazines while not compromising on MOLLE real estate up front. Shockcord loops provide additional retention for magazines and the flap can compress flat when not in use. The front of the flap contains a 6×3 MOLLE panel. Additional snap closures towards the bottom prevent unintended opening.

Skeletal side panels guarantee the best ventilation while enabling the user to attach MOLLE pouches both on the inside and outside. Elastic sewn into the rear portion of the cummerbund provides breathability to the whole system.

*The plate carrier is compatible with other GPCTM front panels and cummerbunds.

**GPCTM size is determined by SAPI plate size. SAPI ballistic plates are not included.

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